PR and Media Relations

Macro Media has more than a decade of experience in dealing with both regional and international media, and has garnered a fine appreciation for what stories correspondents and editors are looking for and how to maximize exposure for client news.

It is this accumulated experience of regional nuance and ways of working that sets us apart from firms dependent on imported PR activities and suggestions. What works well in some global contexts will miss the mark in others. The Middle East region, with its specific set of sensitivities, approaches, norms and ethics, plays host to many different ethnicities and people. A lack of comprehension of regional intricacies has seen many a message or campaign miss its mark entirely.

We are a regional agency that has evolved and grown with the region. We observe, we question and most importantly, we understand what works and what doesn’t. We offer editorial writings, media events, feature placements and media monitoring as part of our media relations services to ensure consistent positive publicity and product promotion for the client’s products. Our PR strategies are developed to effectively deliver the right message to the right people.