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For all aspiring authors,

Sky Horizon Publishing and Distribution Dubai is a publishing house that provides a platform for authors like you to commercially publish a book while retaining book rights and creative control over the publishing process through our services. We offer author services to provide you the publishing platform to afford you a good start. This means that you opt for a publishing program that provides all the basic services to do it right from the onset. This should include marketing, extensive distribution, production, design, copyright registration, and other basic services. We offer several publishing packages which are for various book genres. To help you choose the most suitable one, let us have an initial discussion whether your manuscript is ready or not.


For us to help you determine the best publishing program for your book, we would appreciate if you could provide the answers to the questions below:
1. What is your manuscript’s genre? Have you finished it?
2. When done, how many pages, words, and images will it have?
3. Will your book require colour images inside?
4. When do you expect to finish writing your book?
5. What book formats do you require or prefer?
a) E-Book and Paperback only
b) E-Book, Paperback, and Hardcover (100+ pages)
6. Copyediting is normally not sufficient. Do you need professional editorial services?
7. Do you have any specific marketing plans or goals for your book that we should know?

Kindly answer each question above and mail us to
Please also send us a representative sample of your work now.
Our Manuscript Submission Guidelines are below.
There is no cost for this preliminary evaluation process and your work is safe with us.
Once you e-mail us your work at, an e-mail confirmation will be sent to you within three days and usually our evaluation results will be sent within seven to 10 days.
We would like to help you succeed as a writer and an author.


Please do not send more than one manuscript for evaluation.
(We can discuss your other books after we work through your first book).
You do not have to send your entire manuscript.
Please do send a representative sample of your work (three chapters; about 30 pages) as an attachment or by copy pasting your writing into the body of the e-mail.
We are only able to accept electronic submissions.
We do not accept physical submissions.
Replying to this e-mail with your work attached is the most efficient way to begin.
In your reply, please do not hesitate to add any information about yourself or your book that you think might help us in our approval decision.
Submissions must be in English.
Microsoft Word or PDF are the preferred formats for the initial evaluation.
After we receive your work, you can expect prompt top quality service:
We will confirm receipt of your submission within three working days and usually we will complete our review process within seven to 10 days.
If you do not receive the confirmation e-mail within 3 days, please resend your work.
If that still does not work, please call us to determine what the problem might be at 056-206 7810.
Please resist the temptation to call and ask, ‘did you get it?’.
Just make a note that you should receive a confirmation within three days.
We look forward to hearing from you and receiving your work for evaluation.


Headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, we help authors and publishers penetrate markets globally in print books, e-books, mobile books and tablet books.
We help you present our books and authors for rights sales at the major bookshops, expos, exhibitions, launches etc and help distribute your books both locally and globally, online and in the print media.
We believe that we market better than any of our competitors.
Our authors gain world wide availability

We look forward to receiving your work for review.
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