Macro Media is one of Middle East’s most rapidly growing public relations, marketing and communications consultancy firms. Our expertise in creative communications coupled with contemporary thinking provides unparalleled marketing services to our clients across numerous sectors.

Macro Media specialises in providing powerful and distinctive business communications drawing on the best talent and quality resources to assist local, regional and international companies in enhancing their corporate reputation and brand equity. Our ability to positively alter perceptions among key stakeholders to suit clients’ needs sets us noticeably apart in our field.

Macro Media’s multicultural team combines a diversity of creative thought and global understanding with extensive experience in successful client management to offer a complete range of dedicated PR services in Arabic and English. We believe that a truly effective Public Relations campaign should seek to build a positive and compelling relationship between an organisation and its customers with the specific intent of generating business for our clients. It is the bottom-line returns that really matter.

It is this outlook that has helped Macro Media to deliver hard-hitting successes that have earned us recognition as a premier Public Relations services provider.

Macro Media is headquartered in Dubai, UAE. We have a comprehensive network of offices, affiliates and partners to address all our clients’ needs across the Gulf, Asia-Pacific and MENA regions.